A quick summary interview tips:

●  Be 2-5 Minutes Early

●  Be the Center of Your Screen

●  Research, Prepare Questions

●  Dress for Success

●  Build Rapport

Back to the story. You’ve just ended your Zoom call. Before you go to class or do your next task, send a thank you email.

Follow Up!
Nothing — not even a pandemic — should stop you from writing the all-important follow-up email! Thank them for their time and be specific about what you appreciated learning more about. Take a moment to think about this – don’t be generic.

Here’s a ​handy resource from Indeed​ that examines some example emails as well as provides a good structure.

When writing these emails, remember your GGPAA:

●  Greeting

●  Gratitude

●  Points

●  Additional expressions of interest

●  Appreciation

They might reply to that email with a quick ‘you’re welcome’ or they might not. Don’t worry about that. If this conversation was at all useful, you’ll want to keep in touch with this person.

Next week we’ll go over all the ins and outs of keeping track of your ever-expanding network.