Spend your summer internship


In D.C


Students in DC during the summer are welcome to tap into the DC alumni network. In the summer of 2020 we delivered online events highlighting alumni of the Penn in Washington semester program who are now doing interesting things around the world. Since our return to in-person, we provide both in-person and online opportunities, which increase the number of students who can take advantage of the program and the number of alumni we can tap. These events are completely free and are not part of the structured program. Summer events typically are scheduled between June 1st and July 31st.

Registration to join summer events typically opens in May. Check the weekly newsletter for updates!



Information & FAQs

PIW has a network of almost a thousand alumni who are happy to meet Penn students.  Students have met with alumni who work in Congress, consulting and the private sector, media and strategic communications, politics, government, law, health policy, education policy, tech policy, economic policy, environmental and energy policy, justice policy, and international relations. Students who sign up for the summer events (through our homepage) will receive further instructions after June 1 on setting up these interviews.

This is not a structured program; there are no course offerings, no application process, no formal assistance with internship placements, no shared housing. The bulk of our programming happens during the semester, both in D.C. and on campus. We offer networking opportunities and events, but no internship help, nor pay for unpaid internships. 

What does being in D.C. for a Summer cost?

You will have to cover living expenses during your summer in Washington D.C. – which averages to 5K per summer   

Penn in Washington does not provide funding for the summer at this time


How do I get an Internship?

The process begins months in advance, and we recommend you research and understand what opportunities are available to you! You can use our internship database in the Resources Tab to get a better understanding of what is available, then book an advising session with our program director,  Deirdre Martinez

How can I cover costs?

Career Services has a fund of money, thanks to generous donors, to allow students to pursue unfunded or under-funded summer opportunities. The funds could cover travel expenses, living expenses, or both.