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PIW’s Student Resources! 

PIW has a variety of resources to help students navigate Washington D.C and the internship search process. Spend some time exploring the links below; from an internship database meant to help you match your interests to organizations, to videos like resume workshops, PIW is here to help!


Newsletter Archives

Check out all the previous weekly newsletters where you can find information on previous events, internships, and networking opportunities that could prove helpful on your journey!


Useful resources on networking and a chat with Evan McMullin (interesting on anti-Trump movement, his time with the CIA, & good career advice)


Internship Database

The internship database is an Airtable of approximately 1,000 employers in D.C.. If you are interested in a particular topic (for example, human rights), you’ll likely find a number of organizations that may be of interest. If you are just starting to think about where you might like to intern, this list might be overwhelming. Think of it as a starting point, just to get some ideas for how you might want to narrow your search. 

Orgs on the Left, Right, and the Feds

Want to work for organizations that share your values? Already know that you want to work for the federal government? See below for databases of conservative organizations, liberal organizations, and agencies and departments in the federal government. From a practical standpoint, these are potential internship sponsors and employers for students, representing diverse factions of political thought.


 Thinking about moving to Washington D.C. after graduation, but nervous about finding a job? Washington D.C. is home to a variety of fellowships that are eager to have passionate college graduates working on important projects. Applying to D.C. fellowships is not like OCR. Think tanks, law firms, and other research centers are currently receiving applications for these positions.

Planning For Internships

Click the “Planning” button to learn about the working environment and typical internship experiences for the House of Representatives, Senate, White House, federal agencies, advocacy organizations and think tanks, lobbying firms, and political organizations.